Bad Breath And Other Flaws


Cassie: Charlie’s so handsome. Don’t ya think?

Chloe: I suppose.

Cassie: What do you mean, suppose? He’s EXTREMELY handsome.

Chloe: His teeth are little buck-ish. And he has bad breath.

Cassie: Chloe! That’s kind of harsh.

Chloe: As an older sibling, it’s my responsibility to help you, the mother, see more clearly when it comes to the overall appearance of one of your children. A mother’s vision can get clouded. Charlie’s only nine. Maybe with braces and powerful mouthwash, he could achieve rock star status by the time he’s a young adult.

Cassie: Well….sheesh. (Pause) Do I have bad breath?

Chloe: No. Not usually.

Cassie: Jesus. Well if bad breath isn’t my problem – not usually, anyway – what’s MY flaw?

Chloe: You have a bad temper. Sometimes.

Cassie: Ahhh, yes. The temper. And your thing?

Chloe: I’m quite short. It would help if I were a bit taller. I wish I had some real height. Just a lot of things would…well, I’m not going to let it get me down. I can overcome it.

Cassie: Yes. I’m absolutely sure you can. You are “tall” in so many other ways, Miss. If I had your confidence when I was your age….Well, hearing I had bad breath would have set me back, I can tell you that.

Chloe: Oh, Mom. Nothing sets Charlie back. He could care less if I tell him he has bad breath.

Cassie: That’s true. He’s another one who is high on the confidence spectrum.

Chloe: Yea. You don’t need to blow his ego up any more.

Cassie: Hmm. I guess not. (Pause) Chloe?

Chloe: Yea?

Cassie: You’re EXTREMELY smart.

Chloe: Thanks, Mom.

Cassie: And QUITE beautiful.

Chloe: (giggling) Pffft.

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