Genevieve’s Announcement

Genevieve: I have an announcement to make.

Cassie: Yeah?

Genevieve: Well….are you going to put your clothes on? You still have your pajamas on. How come you don’t have your clothes on?

Cassie: Because I’ve been doing lots of stuff.

Genevieve: Well… I have to go to school and I don’t want you to take me to school while you still have your pajamas on. Your pajamas are too saggy.

Cassie: Nice.

Genevieve: What?

Cassie: Nothing. I’ve never brought you to school in my pajamas, Genevieve.

Genevieve: But you just brought Chloe and Charlie to school in your pajamas.

Cassie: The morning schedule is very tight, Genevieve. I don’t have time to put on a whole outfit before I bring them. Besides I don’t get out of the car when I bring Chloe and Charlie. I just drop them off.

Genevieve: But what if there is a-mergency? Then you should get out of the car for the -mergency and everyone might see your saggy pajamas.

Cassie: True. I have to hope there won’t be any emergencies.

Genevieve: Yes. I really hope so. I also hope that you could put your hair in a bun because it’s sticking out all over your head.

Cassie: I know, Gigi. I’m putting my hair in a bun. OKay?

Genevieve: Okay. My last announcement…..

Cassie: (sighing) What?

Genevieve: I really think you should put some lipstick on too.

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