Where Is The Mother?

Genevieve: How come Max and Ruby’s mother is never there?

Charlie: They probably don’t bother having the mother on the show because parents are too cranky. It’s supposed to be a fun kids show.  Anyway, the grandma pops in for a visit almost every show.

Genevieve: I want to see what the mother looks like.

Charlie: There is no mother. She’s just imaginary.

Genevieve: You pretend the mother is there?

Charlie: Right. Or, not. Gigi, the mother is not the main part of how the story goes. Sheesh. Stop talking about the mother, who doesn’t exist. Or, she’s in the other room or something. I hate this stupid show.

Genevieve: I love it. I wish I could see the mom just for one time. I wish they would have that. Show “Big Sister Ruby” and “Little Brother Max” with the mother. (She hums the show’s theme song.)

Charlie: Genevieve!  Then it wouldn’t be the same show because the show DOESN’T HAVE A MOTHER! OR A FATHER! It’s called MAX AND RUBY!. It’s just the kid, Max, the bossy older sister, Ruby, and sometimes the grandmother. Don’t you get it?!

Genevieve: And the friends. Sometimes Ruby’s friends are on.

Charlie: And the friends.

Genevieve: If they have the friends and the grandma and sometimes other grown-ups, why can’t they have the mother?

Charlie: I don’t know! Can you just drop it?! You’re really making me mad. I’m changing the show to something–

Genevieve: NO! It’s not over yet!

Charlie: It’s practically over. Only a few more minutes. See?

Genevieve: (screaming) I have to watch it all the way to the end! I have to!

Charlie: Why?

Genevieve: (still screaming) In case they show the mother!

Charlie: Ahhhh! (He throws the remote to the floor and stomps out of the room.)

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