Chloe’s Music Trip to Disneyland Day #1 – Saturday

5:00 AM – Arrive at middle school, where there is a minor incident with a backpack zipper. Crisis averted but we’re on edge now about the backpack’s durability for the remainder of the trip and we’ve only been “travelling” for five minutes. Chloe’s antibiotics (that must be refrigerated at all times and is resting in a deep freeze of ice packs) is handed over to the medical staff for the trip. This is the first time Chloe has ever had antibiotics (for a sinus infection) but she’s had three doses so far with no allergic reaction. The nurse seems completely nonplussed and takes all the information in stride. It’s a pleasant “Bon Voyage” between mother and daughter. Kiss, kiss.

6:20 AM – Bus departs for LA. Chloe texts me to give the update that the trip has begun. I go back to sleep with no guilt whatsoever but immense admiration for all the chaperones attending to the 320 student travelers who travel on 6 buses to the land of make believe.

3:00 PM – Chloe and her crew arrive at California State University Fullerton for multiple musical clinics and workshops.

6:00 PM – They check in at hotel (Radisson Suites – five kids to a room) followed by dinner at Medieval Times.

Tomorrow: DISNEYLAND! (Chloe is likely the only child on this trip who has never been to Disneyland – or Disney World for that matter – and her friends are just as excited as she is to watch her experience it, which is so sweet. Pity the poor child.)

The magical tale to be continued…..

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