Running List of “Cassie Crushes”


Scott, husband (a little bit of a Bad Boy)

Bad Boy at Hollis AREA High School who shall remain nameless

Teacher at Hollis AREA High School who shall remain nameless

Jared Leto (as Bad Boy in “My So Called Life”)

Johnny Depp (one of the Baddest Boys of all time)

Robert Downey, Jr. (Funny Boy and Bad Boy and Funny Boy, again)

Jeffrey Donovan (Lead actor who plays a Bad Boy Spy in “Burn Notice.” I’m sorry I can’t help it.)

Guy who plays the Soviet Spy Husband in “The Americans” (Gotta learn the actor’s name, but this is a new crush so I don’t have all my facts in order)

Denzel Washington (Good Guy, Bad Guy, can’t take my eyes off of him ever)

Nick Drake (the guitar playing)

Wilco (just the voices and lyrics – don’t like to see pictures of the musicians/singers i this band because that ruins it for me)

Jack Johnson (the whole package deal – music, looks, voice, lyrics)

Leonard Lopate — WNYC  (Just his voice and intelligence and his interview style. No pictures, please)

Jon Stewart (Sometimes: it’s an on-again, off-again kind of thing)

Michelle and Barack Obama

Ellen Degeneres

and now……

Louis C.K.

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