Thwarting Technical Advancement

Cassie: Why did you try to download so much crap onto my computer?

Charlie: I needed stuff.

Cassie: For Minecraft?

Charlie: Yes.

Cassie: Well, you crashed my system. Daddy had to spend about twenty minutes cleaning it out late last night. You were already asleep when we discovered it, so I couldn’t yell at you.

Charlie: But you were tempted to come wake me up weren’t you?

Cassie: Yes. How’d ya know that?

Charlie: I know how you operate.

Cassie: Fresh. Well then, you also know that after we’ve told you a hundred gazillion times that the computer is MINE and you are a GUEST on MY computer and we’ve also said about a billion times that you cannot EVER download stuff without checking with me or Dad first, your Minecraft privileges have been zapped for a week.

Charlie: Dad said a few days.

Cassie: A week…a few days…I haven’t decided.

Charlie: Pfffft.

Cassie: No pfffft! You need to show some respect for my things.

Charlie: What I need is my own computer ASAP.

Cassie: That’ll be a long time in coming. You’d be on that thing 24/7. No way. Downloading stuff right and left…..

Charlie: In this town, it pays to have your own computer so you can keep up with all the technical advancements.

Cassie: Yeah? Good thing we’re moving back to Jersey.

Charlie: The thirst for knowledge is everywhere, Mom…even in New Jersey. Just remember that.

Cassie: How’d ya know “thirst for knowledge?”

Charlie: Just know it.

Cassie: Go talk to your father.

Charlie: Like “computer man” to “computer man?”

Cassie: Exactly. I’m too tired and you are irritating me, like a lot.

Charlie: You don’t really have the thirst for computer knowledge do you?

Cassie: I guess not. Not like you.

Charlie: You get irritated with your computer way too easily. You’re not curious enough about exploring the internet to see what’s out there. You gotta download stuff and look at it to learn what’s available, what you can get….and play…. to learn. Face it, you’re getting too old.

Cassie: But I do face book.

Charlie: That’s social media.

Cassie: And computer games are somehow more technically challenging?

Charlie: Yes. For sure. It’s where a lot of the great tech minds start.

Cassie: With Minecraft?

Charlie: Or other games. Game creation. (Pause) Besides Minecraft is very architectural. It’s good for the brain. (Another pause) And now with your week-long ban, I’ll be further behind in my own advancement of computer knowledge.

Cassie: That’s your punishment. Maybe you’ll think next time before you download something willy-nilly.

Charlie: Willy-nilly?

Cassie: Yes. Willy-nilly. In haphazard fashion. With compulsion.

Charlie: Sounds old-fashioned. Willy-nilly.

Cassie: Like I said, I am very tired.

Charlie: ….and old.


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