The Gown Is Too Ugly

I guess the E.R. visit left an impression on Gigi because now she frequently takes on the doctor role (she calls herself “Dr. Sasha”) here at home. She pulls out her stethoscope and listens intently to each family member’s breathing. Over and over again. Sometimes there’s a nose spray we must endure or some bitter oral medication that must be swallowed. “Say Ewwww because the medicine is sooo gross,” the Dr. instructs her patients in the game of medical pretend.

Little bits and pieces of Scott’s and Gigi’s hours in the E.R. last week have come out and been retold. Things like how Gigi eventually fell fast asleep on the ER gurney – bed but Scott wasn’t able to catch a wink. Or how “They forced the medicine into my mouth” (oral steroid) “and it tasted awful!” And, finally, when the x-ray technician prepared Gigi for a chest x-ray, this is the exchange that Scott recounted:

Female Technician: Now let’s put this special nightgown on you for your x-ray.

Genevieve: NO!

Technician: Come on, Sweetie, will you put this on for me?

Genevieve: NO!

Scott (embarrassed): Gigi….

Genevieve: NO!

Scott: (to the technician) Does it really matter? Can she just have nothing on top? You know, go bare chested for the x-ray?

Technician: The gown color is actually used as contrast for taking and reading the x-ray.

(Scott wonders if that reasoning is real, but he decides to stay out of it. The technician and Gigi negotiate some more, but in the end no hospital gown is worn for the photo session.)

Back in their “bed” in the E.R…….

Scott: Gigi, why wouldn’t you wear the gown like the technician wanted for your x-ray?

Gigi: Too ugly.

Scott: The gown was too ugly?

Gigi: Yep. I’m not going to wear that ugly nightie for the pictures of my chest. Ever.

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