Floss, Or It Will Cost Me


On the way to a dentist appointment…

Cassie: So you brushed your teeth for an extra long time?

Max: Yep.

Cassie: How long?

Max: I don’t know. Two minutes maybe?

Cassie: Two minutes?! That’s extra long? Are you crazy? Two minutes is standard brushing time. Five minutes OR MORE is extra long. Two complete brushes would take five minutes at least.

Max: Oh. My, God.

Cassie: (Sighing.) Did you floss? Did you use Listerine?

Max: No. Chloe hogs all those kinds of extra supplies. They’re all at her side of the sink. I’m not going to touch them after she’s used them.

Cassie: Of course not.

Max: I have my tube of toothpaste. And that’s what I work with. I keep it simple.

Cassie: That “simple” is going to cost me. I just know it.

Max: I doubt it.

(Three cavities. Total cost for three fillings: $897. Insurance pays half. We’re in the hock for about $450.)

Cassie: What should he work on in the future to prevent future cavities?

Dental Hygienist: Flossing and using Listerine or ACT.

(I didn’t want to be right about this one.)

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