If You “Smash,” a Back Massage Is Required

Scott’s stance is that if he has to watch the television show, “Smash,” with his wife and he’s been forced to see how Debra Messing has become a bit puffy around the jaw line, and he’s made to watch how the once cool guy from Law & Order is now pretending to be a Joseph Papp-Public Theater downtown artiste type, and he has to witness “Will” from “Will & Grace” in a guest appearance but he’s not that funny, and he is also forced to view the twenty-something-song-writing wonder who’s in love with Karen but acts like a bad-boy jerk and if he has to watch all this, it will probably make him feel sooo old and sooo bored, that he’ll demand that his wife give him a back massage/scratch and one that shows she really means it, not the kind of scratch that drifts when she starts to become drowsy on the couch, where she sits next to him, watching and loving “Smash” but also feeling old herself because she realizes that she too is growing a bit paunchy in the gills and she remembers the actor from Law & Order and those were the days, weren’t they, when her husband and she were young and her husband was the “bad boy” and she was the “kick-ass Karen” who could sing a rock opera like nobody’s business (not really but she’s pretending) and so it’s worth it to massage the husband’s back, she thinks, so he’ll stay with her here and watch this episode of “Smash.”

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