Chuck E. Cheese and the Princess Card

There were no comments about the princess card that Genevieve and I made, by either the birthday girl or her parents. Yes, of course I asked Scott about possible positive reactions to our mother-daughter creativity as soon as he got home and had finished telling me all about the horrors of Chuck E. Cheese.

Cassie: Well, what did they think of the princess birthday card that Gigi and I made for the birthday girl?

Scott: What did who think? Who’s “they?”

Cassie: The birthday girl…her parents…any of the other guests….

Scott: I didn’t hear any comments from anyone about the princess card. I didn’t really notice. I was busy tracking Chuck E. Cheese for your terrified daughter.

Cassie: No one said, “Oh, how cute?”

Scott: No.

Cassie: Did you scrunch it all up and bend it when you carried it in to the place?

Scott: No, Cassie. I did not scrunch it all up. I put the present with the princess card on the table with all the other presents and then the terror about the Chuck E. Cheese guy began and I had to deal with that.

Cassie: What was Gigi so scared about?

Scott: That the stupid Chuck E. Cheese guy was going to try to put a crown on HER head like he did on the birthday girl’s head. (Pause) He came around to greet each kid and Genevieve didn’t want anything to do with him. She was a wreck. Good times. Good times. You. Owe. Me. Big. Wife.

Cassie: ‘Kay. Sorry. I wish you could have noticed more about any reactions to the very creative birthday card we made, though.

Scott: Ummm…well I didn’t. You can start paying me back for this ordeal by dealing with all the wake-ups in the middle of the night we’re going to have tonight and probably all week over frickin’ Chuck-E-I- Hate-You Cheese. Gigi’s going to be working on this for a while. I can promise you that.

Cassie: Pfffft.

Scott: Yep.

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