Mother Confession #2

It’s true that Genevieve would not have lasted much longer during our first lacrosse game viewing two days ago, but Chloe, Charlie, Gigi and I mistakenly left Max’s game at half time, thinking the lacrosse game was over. It seemed as though the game was awfully short and I did question our assumption that we had seen it through to the end. However, there were strong signs to indicate that the game had indeed come to a close. Signs like the volume and length with which the bullhorn was blown at the end of the first half. The blare had such a finality to it. Also, the varsity team players entered the field of play and began warming up while the JV players sat down on the sidelines. Are you really supposed to sit down in the middle of a game…even if it’s half time? Isn’t that bad for the muscles….muscle tissue locks up and whatnot? It all looked so final….so finished….and Scott wasn’t there to give the absolute word on the matter….and so we left.

Cassie: You’re back Max! You stayed to watch the varsity team play? Sorry about the JV game. You played well. We watched for all your moves to make a goal every second. Did you hear Chloe cheering you on? You almost got that one goal.

Max: What do you mean, you’re sorry? We won! I scored two goals. Where were you? I looked for you at the end so I could get a ride home. I’m beat.

Cassie: Ummm……

Max: Oh my God. You thought the game was over at the half? The varsity only just started their game ten minutes ago.

Cassie: Ummm….the bullhorn…the varsity players came onto the field like they were warming up to play…you scored two goals?

Max: Yes.

Cassie: I’m so sorry I missed that. We really thought the game was over, though I did wonder about how short the game was. Gigi wouldn’t have been able to stay much longer. She almost fell off the bleachers twice and she dropped Chloe’s iPhone once while we were trying to keep her occupied so the rest of us could concentrate on your game.

Max: (long hissing sigh) Where’s Dad?


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