Phone Talk Bliss


Had one of those great conversations with my mother yesterday. I love those. No kids were around bothering me, interrupting me; the dogs were having their morning naps. Mom told me all about the memorial service of a Hollis, NH, stalwart, a spirited energetic ball of a woman who lived with her family for many years in our town. This woman was so special to so many people that over five hundred people attended her service… to pay their respects to her family and to celebrate her existence in all of our lives. My mother recounted the eulogy by the woman’s youngest adult son, remembering quotes from it and then recalling the part that each of her other grown-up children played in the memorial service. One read a prayer, another a poem.  I was able to picture the scene and hear the voices, and ultimately share, a little bit, in the celebration of this woman’s life.

Next, we chatted about the kids, the dogs, my audition for the “Listen to Your Mother” Reading show that I didn’t get, Jordan’s (my brother Jay’s son) basketball record as it stands now, the weather, cross country skiing, mud, spring, details about my parents upcoming trip to Saratoga, and then there was further discussion about a trip she and my father are taking in the fall with best friends to Vietnam, and finally, Scott’s recent root canal. It was when we got to discussing my husband’s teeth and then our own, that we knew it was time to wrap-up the conversation…after an hour of “Mother-Daughter Talking Bliss.” One of the best phone conversations I’ve ever had. Won’t ever forget it. Nope. Not ever.

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