Such an Old Grown-Up

Gigi: I have no idea what I should get for Max for his birthday. I hope I can find something at Target because, well, it’s my favorite store and I think the Men’s section is on the second floor so we’ll have to go up the escalator, which, you know, is my favorite part. Also, buying something for me is a favorite thing. Will we have enough money to buy something for me at Target too, Mom? Will we?

Cassie: We’re shopping for Max. It’s HIS birthday so we should probably focus on gifts for him.

Gigi: I can focus on two things. The section I like is right next to the Men’s section. I know that. We don’t need to go into the shoe hall because the shoes at Target are not good for me. After we buy Max’s present in the Men’s place, we can stop by the Toys. Okay?

Cassie: Maybe.

Gigi: I just love Target days. I love them. Don’t you?

Cassie: Not really.

Gigi: Is it because you are such an old grown-up?

Cassie: That’s exactly right.

Gigi: I’m sorry, Mommy, that you don’t like it. Do you like any stores…to shop at?

Cassie: I like to shop…alone…at Whole Foods or at a farmer’s market. I like to linger and walk through slowly.

Gigi: Because you like food?

Cassie: Yes. And flowers. I like to buy bunches of flowers.

Gigi: That’s what you shop for when you’re a grown up girl?

Cassie: Yes…at least that’s what this old grown up girl likes to shop for.

Gigi: Max won’t like any of the stuff at Whole Foods for a present. You shouldn’t get him flowers.

Cassie: (sighing) You’re right about that. I guess we’ll just have to go to Target then, huh?

Gigi: It’s okay. You can hold my hand.

Cassie: Well that will certainly make it better for me.

Gigi:  I know. How many more minutes before we drive to Target?

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