The Bathtub is Empty

I just found Genevieve, fully clothed, playing with her Polly pockets and bath toys in the bathtub, which was empty of water. (Thank goodness. I would have heard that, if she had started running the water to fill the tub, right?!)

Cassie: Genevieve….um, what are you doing?

Genevieve: Don’t worry….this is totally fun for me….even though there isn’t any water. I’m not going to do anything misjanous (mischievous). I double promise.

Cassie: Okay….

Genevieve: But can you go away please? I don’t like you to listen to all the voices I make the dolls do. Okay? (I start to walk away and she calls out after me.) Are you listening? Are. You. Listening?

Cassie: Nope.

(Oh yea….I’m listening…because I have bionic ears, baby.)

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