Another Charlie Chat on Day Four of Computer/Electronics Suspension


Charlie: (sitting down to breakfast) Well the good news about today is that I am one day closer to it being the last day of the electronics suspension.

Cassie: That’s the good news. Is there bad news?

Charlie: Oh yes. What will I do with all my time this afternoon after school? I’ve finished my homework for the week. My room is super clean.

Cassie: Some more lego design?

Charlie: Nah. I’ve already made a pencil and pen holder for my desk. And it gets really hard to complete any decent lego project, like a city or something, because Simone (the bull dog) and Genevieve always get in the way.

Cassie: Not if you do it upstairs in your room.

Charlie: No…they always find me. Those two are so pesky.

Cassie: What about playing with your rats? You haven’t had a play session with them in a while.

Charlie: They’ll just poop everywhere. I’m not really in the mood for that.

Cassie: You and I could play a game. “Sorry.” Or “Clue.”

Charlie: Too many pieces are missing from Clue….and it’s only good if you have three or more players. Sorry’s too mototennous.

Cassie: Monotonous.

Charlie: Yea. Do you even know how to spell that?

Cassie: Maybe…or I’d just do creative spelling like you always do.

Charlie: (gives me a cutting look) Very funny. I’m a pretty good speller, you know, but monotonous —

Cassie: I know! We can do a spelling bee after school.

Charlie: Are you nuts? That is way too nerdy. No! I am not doing a spelling bee with my mother. (Pause) I’ll probably just be roaming…like a cell phone…instead of reception I’m looking for some spark of how to kill my boredom.

Cassie: That’s an interesting analogy, Charlie. I DO hate it when you roam so how about we cook together? Or, you could work on some sketches for the next time with your art tutor? Design a new comic?

Charlie: (with a slightly exasperated tone) Maybe. (Pause.) What would you do if you couldn’t go on face book for a week?

Cassie: I wouldn’t like it. (Pause.) But I didn’t pull anyone’s pants down and get in trouble at school and go to the principal’s office.

Charlie: I just wanted to make sure you knew the kind of pain I’m in….that you’d feel my pain.

Cassie: Oh I feel your pain… for sure…especially when you start in with the roaming. Very annoying. You’re old enough to figure out how to fill your time for an afternoon. Go brush your teeth. Daddy’s almost ready to go.

Charlie: Thank God it’s almost Friday.

Cassie: Yea. Thank God it’s almost Friday.

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