Broken Legs

Gigi, the four-year-old, talking (with a lisp, mind you) to her American Girl Doll baby who is sporting a purple cast (all the rage back when we bought the hospital cast and crutches set at the American Girl Doll Store in Manhattan for Chloe):

Oh sweetie, my baby, we have to keep the cast on your leg for just a while longer. You’re okay, you’re okay. That’s what happens when you try to walk before you’re ready….you break a leg. After this leg heals, you’ll probably break the other one and I’ll bring you to the doctor and we’ll get a cast on the other leg. And when both legs have been done, you’ll break your arms. You need to be more careful, sweetie, or you’ll keep breaking all your bones and I’ll have to keep pushing you around in this (doll) stroller. You’re okay, you’re okay. Now try to go to sleep. Yes, you need to have a nap right now so your bones can get better. You heard me. Do you want me to send you to your room? Go. To. Sleep. I’m watching my Mommy show, which is Dora, and you need to rest your bones.


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