Painted Eyebrows

Charlie: Did you know some people don’t have eyebrows?

Cassie: What do you mean?

Charlie: There’s this teacher…in our science class rotation…I think her eyebrows are just black magic marker.

Cassie: Really?

Charlie: Yes.

Cassie: Which teacher?

Charlie: She’s a teacher’s assistant, not a main one, and she’s just there for one rotation. When I’m in that class, I can’t concentrate on anything but her eyebrows. She passes out the science worksheets and when she bends over toward me, I look to see if there’s real hair under the black lines she’s painted on. I don’t see anything, just the black magic marker.

Cassie: It’s probably eyebrow pencil, not magic marker. Maybe she’s sick, which would be awful. Is she wearing a wig?

Charlie: No…I don’t think so. Her hair looks real. She doesn’t look sick. She’s always patting me on the head and says “Sweet thing.” She’s kind of dramatic.

Cassie: Like a stage actress?

Charlie: Exactly. That kind of makeup is too much for school, though. You know what I mean?

Cassie: Hmmm. Charlie, did you get in trouble or something? Is that why we’re talking about this? Did you say something about her eyebrows? Oh my God……

Charlie: No, Mom! Of course not! I actually don’t talk in that class. The main teacher is super strict and then the eyebrows…they’re so mesmerizing, so unsettling…I can’t even talk. I’m speechless.

Cassie: Are you afraid of her?

Charlie: No, not of her. But I might be a little afraid of her eyebrows. They pop out at me. They just pop out. Ms. M is nice though. I just wish she didn’t have eyebrows like that.

Cassie: Well, how long is the rotation with this teacher’s assistant?

Charlie: Three months. Three long months of those eyebrows coming at me.

Cassie: Just try to focus on the scientific information…what the MAIN teacher is saying in the class. Keep your eyes on her. Maybe now that you’ve talked about it with me, those silly eyebrows won’t have as much of an effect on you.

Charlie: Okay. I guess I prefer the natural look. If I get married some day, my wife better not wear too much makeup or all this eyebrow stuff will come back to haunt me.

Cassie: You’ll probably have forgotten about it by then.

Charlie: Nope. You can’t forget painted eyebrows.

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