Update on Daffodil, the Terrier Mutt Puppy

Dafphoto 7 (16)
1. She’s grown. Started out at 7+ pounds, now at 12 lbs, 11 oz
2. She’s chewed her way through four leashes.
3. Fewer accidents now but so far she’s consumed a green crayon, an orange crayon and a purple crayon. (You know what that means: a green poop, an orange poop, a purple poop.) We’ve moved the crayons. Duh.
4. She LOVES Simone, but Simone is still at the “Toleration” level because of many of puppy’s annoying habits such as:
— Walking ahead in a frantic manner during dog walks. Most unbecoming.
— Not keeping her distance when Simone is doing her business. Simone prefers a modicum of privacy.
— Dunking her paw into a full dish of water and splashing the water every which way. Simone does NOT like to be sprayed with water….ever.
— Moving in for a snuggle when Simone is NOT in the mood. The puppy’s timing is way off.
— Licking and trying to chew on Simone’s tug toy. BIG MISTAKE!
— Because Daf is a quick study of dog tricks, Simone feels that puppy is trying to show her up on some of her best known moves, including “Roll Over” and “Speak.” Daffodil is a show-off.
— When the dogs are play fighting/wrestling, Daf chews, nips and tugs on Simone’s legs as if they were chicken wings. Not only is this irritating but in the process of nibbling on Simone’s legs, Daffodil (who is usually tied up) proceeds to wind her leash around and around Simone’s legs and body, trapping the bull dog into place for optimal chewing until a human sees what’s happened and frees Simone from her misery. (Because I can read dog thoughts, I can hear Simone’s thundering accusations, “Jesus Christ, I’m getting chewed up here. People, get this maniac puppy off me this instant?!”)
5. Scott sequesters the dogs in the playroom at night by closing both sets of pocket doors to the room. Puppy is in her crate for the night. Simone is on her red chair for the night. Scott calls it the “dorm room.” (Smells like one too.) Simone likes to sleep in her own room and is quite put out that she has to share a sleeping room with the juvenile terrier.
6. Daffodil is not afraid of anything, especially bull dogs.

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