Television Show Philosophy

GandCharatplay2013Genevieve: Remember the days when you would watch all the “Tom and Jerry” epitudes with me?

Charlie: Do you mean episodes?

Genevieve: Yes, episodes.

Charlie: Yea. What about it?

Genevieve: I miss it…when you would watch “Tom and Jerry” with me.

Charlie: Things change, Genevieve. We’re growing up. Tom and Jerry was a last-year show.

Genevieve: (whining) What about Scooby Doo?

Charlie: (triumphantly) I’m phasing out of that show too.

Genevieve: Why are you phasing out?

Charlie: Because I am. Because I’m older than you. You’re still a baby.

Genevieve: I am NOT a baby. Is it because you do magic and comic books and watch shows with bad guys now?

Charlie: Yes.

Genevieve: I hate that.

Charlie: That’s life.

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