When You Have a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Genevieve is notorious for eating two thirds of whatever snack or treat she’s asked for and then saying to me, face all wrinkled up to feign disgust, “I really don’t care for this chocolate cookie (or whatever the goody is). It’s awful. I need to choose something else quickly.”

“That was your choice. You seemed to like most of it just fine. Look, it’s almost gone,” I point out.

“No, I really need something else right away to cover up the bad taste. That chocolate cookie wasn’t a good idea,” she says, shaking her head.

“How about some milk…to wash it down?” I suggest

“Milk goes WITH the taste. It doesn’t get OUT the taste that I don’t like,” Genevieve counters.

“Gigi, do you want milk or not?”

“Alright, I’ll have some milk. (Pause.) Could you make it a chocolate milk?”

2 thoughts on “When You Have a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

  1. Cassie, I started reading your blog when I saw it on my husband’s (Tim Scott) facebook page. We have been voting for you for a couple weeks and I just now sat down and looked at your competition. I can’t believe some of these are for real! Right now you are sandwiched between “World’s Worst Mom” and “Scary Mom”. There’s one about a woman who has 3 kids, her husband committed suicide and she was robbed and held hostage on the day of his funeral? How about “Carriage before Marriage” “What happens when you have a baby, then start planning your wedding, all the while trying for baby #2? ” The thing I appreciate most about your blog is that it seems real and relateable (is that a word?). Anyway we’ll keep voting and reading, good luck Hope you can make it east for the big High School reunion in August! Get your 80’s groove on!


    • Well, Mrs. Becky Scott, I am going to be looking for YOU at the Hollis Area High School Reunion to give you a big hug of thanks!!!! To have new readers is the whole point (for me, anyway) to this crazy blog contest. Yes, I agree that some of the writers (and their scenarios) are a little “out there” but I’ve enjoyed reading a lot of them, especially “Insane the Mom Brain.” Thanks so much for your support at QueenBeePost – the voting thing every day – kind of a hassle and so it means a lot to me. Cheers! ‘Til we meet in August…and a big hello to Tim (the smartest guy in all my high school classes, especially English)!!!!!


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