The Worker Bee

A worker bee walks into a bar, orders a pint of Rose Hop Nectar, and begins a conversation with the only other bee-patron in the joint. The other guy-bee is staring at his iPad and every once in a while erupts in loud buzz-laughter. Worker bee says to iPad bee, “What ya reading? What’s so funny?”

“Some blog called QueenBeePost. It’s a real trip and kinda sweet…about this gal’s four kids and the crazy bull dog they got,” iPad bee says.

“Really? You spend your time reading that stuff? You’re buzzin’ around the internet are you? Wasting time?”

“Yea. I like seeing how other people live. I like to hear their perspectives on life. Reading this stuff takes me back. I come from a large hive family, ya know? She’s got this one kid who’s a real hoot. Smart and quick witted. She gets a lot of her best material from her dialogues with her kids. It’s funny. You should read it.”

“Hmmm….maybe I’ll check it out. What’s her blog called again?” worker bee asks while chugging more of his nectar.

“Go to You’ll see what I mean. It’s pretty humorous…for a human.”


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