Car Wash Reminders

One thing is for sure. When you go through an automated car wash with Genevieve in the car, it’s best to put the window child lock ON, or sternly remind the four-year-old that NO windows are to be opened (not even a crack) as you inch your way up to the Car Wash Start Line and the washing brushes start to rush toward your front window.

“What are you doing?!!!! Shut that window. Shut that window!”

(Genevieve zips the window shut – she’s a whiz with those lock/unlock, open/shut buttons – just before the brushes make their way to her backseat window. “I wanted to wash my face.”

“Jesus…..Genevieve, don’t ever do that! All those suds and tons of water would come into the car. It would be a disaster, I’m telling you!”

“Has Charlie ever gone on a car wash with you?”

“No. I don’t think so.” (Note to self: That’s a very good point. Charlie must not be invited along for this type of cleaning event.)

“That brother would probably open the window.”

“You’re right. No one opens the window. That’s the end of that. Could probably drown….”

“I’ll tell Charlie he can’t ever open the window.”

“No, no, no. He never needs to know about this. Okay?”

“Okay. (Pause.) When will the car be dirty again?

“Not for a very long time.”

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