Deodorant for Beginners

Charlie: Let’s go buy some BO sticks for beginners. My pits are sweating.

Cassie: You mean deodorant? They don’t make that for “beginners.” You either need it or you don’t.

Charlie: Do you want to check it? I think we really should get me some deodorant.

Cassie: No, that’s okay. If you really needed it I would probably be able to smell it from over here…from a distance.

Charlie: They should make “Beginner Deodorant” so that you know what to do when you become a teenager. Now I’m going to be sort of worried about that one time when I start to smell bad and it will probably be like an emergency or something and I’ll be all embarrassed at school and I’ll get humiliated and I won’t be a legend anymore.

Cassie: You’ll get humiliated? You’ll lose your legend status?

Charlie: Yes. It’s making my BO come out more right now just thinking about it.

Cassie: You really want to go buy some deodorant…for practice? You’re only nine years old.

Charlie: Yea. I need to be ready and it’s important that I smell good.

Cassie: For what?

Charlie: For when I start to become famous. Sometimes it starts as early as the teenage years.

Cassie: Well I certainly wouldn’t want you to stink when that happens.

Charlie: I know….right?

Cassie: Okay, I guess. I’ll put it on the grocery list.

Charlie: No, no, no. I wanna come with you to pick out the scent.

Cassie: Oh. My. Lord. Charlie.

Charlie: Really the scent is important. You can’t pick that out for me. I have to do it.

Cassie: Ok. We’ll go to CVS in a while.

Charlie: Let’s not wait too long, cuz my pits are REALLY sweating. Do you smell something?

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