Mermaid Hair

Genevieve: Did you know, Mom, that my hair is going to grow long, long, long like a mermaid?

Cassie: That will be beautiful. But at some point we might need to get you a trim. Super long hair is hard to care for. It gets tangled. Sometimes you cry when I comb it out.

Genevieve: Nope. No trims. Ever. Mermaids don’t have haircuts. Their hair goes all the way down to their tails. Sometimes it’s blue or pink.

Cassie: It’s actually better for your hair to get a slight trim once in a while. Keeps it healthy.

Genevieve: I don’t think so. Who told you that?

Cassie: The lady who cuts my hair.

Genevieve: She doesn’t know anything about mermaids. I’m NEVER going to your haircut lady if she doesn’t know about mermaid hair.

Cassie: You’re not going to let Charlie cut your hair, either. Right?

Genevieve: (smiling) No. That was just one time. I didn’t know about mermaids when I was just a baby.

Cassie: Hmmmm.

Genevieve: Did you cry when Charlie cut my hair?

Cassie: You know I did. It was lopsided.

Genevieve: Then Daddy took us out to dinner so you could cry about my hair by yourself.

Cassie: That’s right.

Genevieve: I remember that story.

Cassie: You do, don’t you? Do you remember the downstairs playroom — where Charlie did the cutting? The playroom in New Jersey?

Genevieve: Yep. Which do you like better? Mermaid hair or crooked hair?

Cassie: Mermaid hair.

Genevieve: Me too. It’s sooo beautiful, Mommy.

Cassie: It is.

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