Packing Up Christmas


I was able to collect all the Christmas items so they were “on deck” to be put back into storage, which because the storage areas are downstairs (below the house), requires me to make many, many trips up and down two sets of stairs and to spend time in our dark storage tombs thinking about how much junk we still have and all the spiders that abound. But the holiday doodads stayed on the kitchen island for days…until, I could no longer take the annoying comments and questions from my blessed children.

Charlie: So, I guess when everyone says you are so organized, that’s really not true because this stuff has been here for a long time. It’s sort of in my way and this, um, clutter, totally distracts me while I’m doing my homework.

Max: These Christmassy things are crowding the eating area. (Harrumph, mutter, eye roll.)

Cassie: Do you want to help me bring it down to the storage room?

Max: Nah….I’ll just break something.

Chloe: It’s so sad when Christmas is over. All this business just rubs that sadness in my face. (Sigh, pout, sigh.)

Gigi: Why is all this stuff here, Mom? Is Santa coming here…AGAIN?!

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