Yep. Charlie lost his extremely cool black “faux” leather jacket…again.

We found it at the “After School Program Club House.” The folks at the Club House were happy to see us – it had been a while. Completely nonplussed by the fact that he had lost yet another piece of clothing and he had his mother in tow, yipping and yapping throughout the hunt in the Club House building, Charlie greeted his many fans with high fives and “How ya doin’?”

When we discovered the jacket right on top of the Lost and Found mound, Charlie griped, “I hate it when people put my lost stuff in the Club House Lost and Found. Everyone knows it’s more convenient to put it in the Lost and Found outside the front office.”

“I hate it when you lose your stuff!” I said.

“Yea, I know, Mom. But it adds to my legend.”


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