Scott: Who’s each kid in our family most like? Which parent do each of you most take after? In looks, temperament, attitude? Who is Charlie most like, for example?

Chloe: I don’t know. Max?

Scott: No. Which parent? MOM or ME?

Chloe: Mom, probably.

Scott: I think so too.

Chloe: He’s certainly a talker like she is.

Scott: Max?

Chloe: He’s in his own galaxy…far, far away.

Scott: Funny.  And you? Who are you most like?

Chloe: You.

Scott: Yes. I agree. How about Genevieve?

Chloe: She’s a mish-mash of all us. That’s what makes her so special.

Scott: True. Time will tell with her.

Chloe: Now let’s do it with the grandparents…..

Scott: Okay. You?

Chloe: Grandma Mitzi.

Scott: Yea. I think that’s right. Charlie?

Chloe: Grandma BJ or maybe Pop Dick. Also, Uncle Eric. (Same sense of humor.  Cracking  jokes.)

Scott: Now we’re including uncles? And Max?

Chloe: Still, galaxy… far, far away. (Pause.) Uncle Eric, probably. Max is very passionate about things….like his trumpet….his photography.  He gets extremely focused. That’s like you, too, Dad.

Scott: Hmmm. Maybe. And then, Genevieve?

Chloe: That’s hard! Maybe Great Aunt Sue, who’s so smiley and lovey-dovey. Genevieve’s like that. And she’s energetic, always zipping and hopping around, which reminds me of Grandma BJ a little, or Mom.

Scott: Who does Simone (the bull dog) love the best?

Chloe: (chuckling) You, Dad. Simone loves you the best!

Scott: I know it.


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