Parenthood – It’s Messy

Charlie: I’ve picked up Gigi’s room – as a special favor – and my own room, plus made my bed. Also, I picked up Gigi’s dirty underwear by my fingernails and put them in the laundry. Do you think I’m becoming a “Mr. Mom?”

Cassie (blinking rapidly) Hardly. There’s a lot more involved to earn that title.

Charlie: As if I’d even want a title like “Mr. Mom.” (Roll of the eyes.) I almost barfed when I touched G’s underwear.

Cassie: Picking things up and touching dirty undies aren’t just “Mom” things. Those are things a PARENT does. Some of the best parents I know are men. Your father, Uncle Eric, Uncle Jay, Uncle Roger, Pop Dick, Pop Walter. Trust me, they’ve all had to touch dirty kid underwear… and poop…and boogers…

Charlie: Alright, alright. I get it. Disgusting. (Pause.) I’m probably never going to be a parent.

Cassie: Really? You never know. You’re only nine. Maybe someday.

Charlie: That cleaning, by the way, that was just TONIGHT that I did that. As a favor.

Cassie: I understand. Thanks for doing it.

Charlie: You’re welcome. Why do people want to have kids anyway?

Cassie: Lots of reasons. Having kids is an extension of yourself. To me, a child is love. A child is life. It makes a person feel like they’ve left a part of themselves here on earth…before they die.

Charlie: You can leave a part of yourself by being best friends with people, you know. You don’t have to have kids.

Cassie: That’s very true, Charlie. (Pause.) I do think you could be a fantastic father some day…you’ve been surrounded by some of the best.

Charlie: Maybe. But first I’m going to have a lot of fun. Then fall in love….when I’m older…but I might not do kids.

Cassie: Okay.

Charlie: Okay.


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