The Threat of Werewolf

Gigi: Charlie, what are going to be for Halloween next year?

Charlie: Gigi, that’s ridiculous to ask me that. We just got through with Halloween THIS year.

Gigi: No! What will you be for NEXT year?!

Charlie: (sighing) I have no idea, okay?!

Gigi: One thing is….you shouldn’t be a werewolf. I HATE the werewolf. I HATE him!

Charlie: If I’m not a werewolf, I’m going to be something else just as scary. You’ll have to deal with it. Or be a baby.

(Long silence.)

Gigi: Mommy said she put your werewolf costume away. You can’t wear it or scare me with that stupid mask ever again!

Charlie: Whatever. (Indistinct muttering.) Besides, I’ll find it. Mom’s hiding places don’t work. I’ll find that mask, and when I do, the Teenage Werewolf will rise again. He’s coming for you… very soon. (I imagine Charlie making claw gestures with his hands, scratching at the air with the vicious swipes of imaginary claws. He begins to howl.)

Gigi: (running, screaming, panting) Awwwwwww! Momm–eeee! Werewolf! Werewolf!



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