Television Favors

Gigi: Why does Daddy have to watch his special show of elections?

Cassie: Because it’s about who will be the President of the United States for the next four years. Remember when you came with me to vote today? When we got the special sticker for voting?

Gigi: Yes.

Cassie: Daddy wants to see the results from all the people in the United States who voted like we did today. We want President Obama to win.

Gigi: All the people in New Jersey near our old house got stickers?

Cassie: I’m not sure if they handed out stickers there but hopefully all the people in New Jersey were able to vote even though they just had a hurricane. People voted in New Hampshire, where Grandma BJ and Grandpa Dick live. In Maryland, where Uncle Eric and Aunt Juli live. All the states in the country.

Gigi: Daddy’s show is special-er than “Dora the Explorer?”

Cassie: Yes. It is.

Gigi: Not to me.

Scott: Well to Daddy…and to me.

Gigi: I want to watch Dora. (Hint of a whine.) (Long pause) Awwlright. (Long sigh….) I’ll go read my books.

Cassie: Thank you. (Yelling to Scott) Hon, we’re back on!


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