Charlie accused me of trying to poison him with stale Corn Pops cereal this morning.

Charlie: This is one of the most disappointing mornings I’ve had in a long while.

Cassie: What’s the matter?

Charlie: You tried to poison me with this stale Corn Pops cereal.

Cassie: Really? They’re stale?

Charlie: Very. (He slides the distasteful bowl of cereal to the outer reaches of the kitchen island, as far away from his eating area as possible. He stifles an exaggerated, fake gag.)

Cassie: Sorry. At least I made you a toasted bagel to go with it.

Charlie: Yea. But my whole day is off to a bad start now.

Cassie: Well, see what you can do to turn it around.

Charlie: See what you can do about checking the dates on the food you purchase.

Cassie: Now you are sounding extremely fresh. Quite…a….tone! Best to just button it and eat your bagel.

Charlie: It’s the poisoning. I’m turned all inside out.

(Always the last word, that boy.)

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