“I Lost My Lunch!”

Charlie habitually “loses” his lunch bag whenever the standard cold lunch I’ve packed for him doesn’t compare with what’s being offered on the hot lunch line at the school cafeteria. Back in Montclair, Charlie was known for “double lunching” (eating both the lunch I had packed and the hot lunch being served that day – chicken patties on a bun were a particular favorite) until the lunch ladies and I finally figured out what he was up to. At one point, early on in his scheme (halfway through kindergarten, I think it was), his “bar tab” had reached $56.00!

When I complained vehemently to Charlie, after hearing that yet another “Oops, I lost my lunch” episode had occurred yesterday (the hot lunch served was turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy – eww! Whoever heard of liking the hot lunch version of that?!), Charlie said, “At least I’m getting the nutrients my body needs to grow and learn and be a productive human on this planet. Lunch is very important…and I really enjoy warm food.”

I had no response…because, as usual with Charlie, he had a point.

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