The Posse Meditates

A few days ago, I checked in with Charlie about how he and his guy pals in the “Recess Posse” at school were faring.

Cass: How’s the posse doing? Everyone good?

Char: Yea, they’re good. I taught ’em to meditate.

Cass: You what?

Char: We meditated. Not like “Om,” sitting with our legs crossed. We were lying down on the grass in the sun. We didn’t talk. We closed our eyes. It was peaceful and warm.

Cass: Really? Are you kidding me?

Char: No, I’m not kidding you. I’m serious. Everyone needed to chill out from the stressful day. One kid almost fell asleep, though.

Cass: Did the other kids from recess come over and investigate…to see what you guys were up to?

Char: I don’t know. My eyes were closed. Everybody does their own thing at recess. I don’t think other people noticed.

Cass: This is very interesting, Charlie. I’m impressed. All the members of the posse did it?

Char: Yep.

Cass: What you were doing is called “Savasana,” a resting, meditative pose.

Char: Hmm..whatever. We just call it meditating.

Cass: That’s what I do…when I go to my yoga classes all the time.

Char: Are you ever able to erase all your thoughts?

Cass: No. But I keep trying. Are you?

Char: I don’t think so. But my head gets quiet. Sometimes I need to rest…but not fall asleep.

Cass: Well, like I said, this really impresses me that you’ve done meditation..with the posse…during recess. It’s an incredible skill to have in your life.

(I picture hundreds of kids resting in Shivasana on the playground with Charlie. I am enthralled and tickled by the vision.)

Do you do this with the guys a lot?

Char: Only once.

Cass: How did you even know about meditating?

Char: From Tae Kwon Do class. Tae Kwon Do is all about controlling the body…and the mind. A person should always work on both.

Cass: I see. So this is all Tae Kwon Do based…this meditating you’re doing?

Char: Mom, it doesn’t matter where the meditating comes from. It just matters that you do it…that you learn the control.

Cass: You’re right.

Char: I know.


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