Who Did It?

Vicious tirade explodes in the Bollinger house because one child feels severe injustice was inflicted upon her by another child. Throughout the shouts and severe tones, Genevieve continues to pipe in, raising her voice to be heard above the angry clamor, “Does everyone know…I didn’t do that!! It’s not MY fault what just happened. Does anyone hear me? I didn’t do it!”

“Don’t worry, Gigi. I heard you,” I say.

“What did happen? Do you know? Charlie prawwwbly did it. He always does stuff that gets Chloe mad. He’s a naughty boy,” admonishes my littlest girl.

“I’m still trying to figure out what happened. No one’s bleeding so that’s good. I think I’m just going to leave everyone alone…for now.” (A door slams from somewhere above us on the second floor. Then a second door bangs shut.)

“Mom, when Chloe’s all better, will you remind her that I didn’t do it?”

“Yes. But let’s leave everybody alone for a while.”

“Okay….But when you find out what happened, can you tell me?”

“Let’s just drop it, Gigi. It’s not really any of your business.”

“It IS my business, Mommy. I belong to the family and I want to know all the things that happen. I NEED to know so I can learn about it for when I’m a mother.”

Child number four…three-and-a-half years old…smartest child in this family unit…without a doubt.


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