Musical Theater

Charlie reports that he played the grandfather in a skit while studying “Peter and the Wolf” in music class at school today.

“It was awesome, Mom. The whole class was laughing at my grandpa act. Even the teacher. I was the laughing stock…and I loved it!”

“Can you replay it for me? Do it for me now?”

“No. No. You had to be there…in the moment…with the music…and the cane. I did some very funny stuff with the old man cane.”

“Each character in the skit had their own identifiable music, right? The wolf, the bird…”

“Yea. How’d you know that?”

“I think I may have done that same fun exercise when I was a kid…oh so long ago…or I’ve seen groups of kids do it or something. I can’t remember, but the concept is ringing a bell. I guess the teacher was okay with the fact that you were hamming it up — because he laughed too?”

“Mom, the music called for something hilarious. I was listening to the music and acting with my body and face in the way the music was telling me to. It was hilarious! The music! My acting! I almost couldn’t help myself from laughing. I wish I could do that again and again it was so awesome.”

A musical theater comic genius is born. (Damn…wish I could have seen that.)

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