Left Turns

I just gave Genevieve a heads up that we would be heading out the door in a while to begin a round of older-kid school pick-ups. She asked, “Will we be making any left turns?”

This made me laugh so hard. She knows from experience that on some days (when the different school dismissals are not staggered) the traffic in town can become very congested. There’s this one left turn, onto the street where our house is located, that can take FOREVER. I’ve been known to get my shorts in a tight bunch over it because I become extremely stressed…making the judgment call about when to turn…without harassing drivers in the long string of cars winding down the hill behind me. Is there enough time to make the turn before the oncoming traffic slams into me and my beloved passengers? (What’s more, sometimes people honk, repeatedly. Where are we? Jersey?) Often, I turn off the music and demand absolute silence from my children as we close in on my turn to make the risky left. Shhhh….I must concentrate…

“We are indeed making that left turn onto Saratoga Avenue, Gigi. But I promise to keep myself in check.”

“What does that mean?”

“I won’t get worked up. I’ll try to remain calm, cool and collected.”

“Will we be allowed to talk?”

“Yes, if you can do it quietly.”

“I’ll whisper.”


“Okay. Good.”


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