Once in a Blue Moon Walk

“Blue Moon…You saw me standin’ alone…”

On our Blue Moon walk this evening, Gigi said to me, “Mommy, I wish I could capture this bootiful moon in a bucket for you.”

Delighted, I said back, “Well Gigi, that’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!”

“Oh Gawwd, Mom,” Charlie barged into our conversation, booming his too-loud voice in the quiet night, “Gigi totally pilfered that from a Little Bear episode!”

Chloe agreed. The provenance of the phrase was indeed from Gigi’s beloved morning show, “Little Bear.”

I’m not sure which impressed me more…the fact that my almost-four-year-old remembered this scripted dialog and used it in the correct context or that my almost nine-year-old knew the word “pilfered.” As the children and I continued our moonlit walk together, gazing upward at the moon and then down at the flashlight beams leading the way, we pointed out the craggy face of the Man on the Moon to one another, we bickered on and off about who would get to hold the hefty powerful black flashlight or the ultra light silver flashlight, I sang and whistled the tune of Blue Moon (to great shushing from Chloe and “Please Mom…stop that!”) and Charlie, well he, of course, got down on all fours and began to howl, werewolf style.

I hope to recall this pleasant Moon Walk with my “brilliant-as-the-moon” youngsters come the next Blue Moon…in 2018.


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