What to Wear?

Discussion with Gigi about what to wear on the First Day of School:

Mom: Look, I got this blue checked dress all ready for you — the one you like so much. Here’s the navy blue bow that matches.

Gigi: I’m not into that so much…for my first day of school.

Mom: Gigi, you’ll look so pretty.

Gigi: Nah. I don’t need to look pretty. I need clothes that are going to make me be able to climb to the top of the jungle gym.

Mom: You’re going to the top of the jungle gym?

Gigi: Don’t worry. It’s not dangerous….if you wear shorts. Also, no bows. Please braid my hair on the side so I can see.

Mom: (sighing) Okay. You sure you don’t want to wear a dress?

Gigi: I just said it. Nope.

Reminder to Mom: Gigi is NOT Chloe. Gigi is Gigi. Duh!


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