The Posse

One never knows what the conversation with Charlie will be in the car ride home after school pick-up….

Cassie: How was your day?

Charlie: Fine. I’m the leader of a posse at recess.

Cassie: A posse? Ummm….that sounds a little like a group of bullies. You’re not bullying anyone are you? ‘Cause that’s not okay.

Charlie: No, no, no! Why do you ALWAYS jump to conclusions? It’s just a bunch of guys. There are five of us altogether. Want to know what the bid is to get in?

Cassie: The bid? Do you mean the initiation? Oh God, there’s an initiation?

Charlie: Yea…the initiation.

Cassie: Is it bad?

Charlie: No, Mom. Relax. Just scars or scratches. Everybody has to show proof of a scar or scratch.

Cassie: So…what…if someone doesn’t have a good enough scar or scratch, he or she has to go and scratch themselves…to get in? Eww…that’s gross and could be dangerous. You might not get a lot of takers.

Charlie: Wrong! First of all, this is NOT a posse for girls. NO GIRLS! Second, it’s not any of my business how members get scratched or scarred. They just have to have one to get in.

Cassie: Sounds kind of tough, Charlie. I never took you as a tough guy.

Charlie: I’m not. Once you’re in the group, we just run around a lot and play spy or we hang out and tell jokes and think up experiments. But we have to look tough on the outside.

Cassie: Why? To keep your cover?

Charlie: Exactly.

Cassie: Why do you have to hide who you really are…to anyone at school, at recess or anywhere?

Charlie: (sighing) Aw, Mom. You always worry and you always get deep about everything. I’m done with this conversation. Sorry I even brought it up. It’s just a club. And I’m the leader because they elected me. By the way, YOU are definitely not EVER going to be a member of the posse.



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