After the Dance

Max: You can ask me three questions.

Cassie: Did you dance?

Max: Not really. The music was awful. Techno pop stuff.

Cassie: No Stairway to Heaven?

Max: What?

Cassie: Nothing.

Max: Okay. What else?

Cassie: If you didn’t dance, what’d ya do?

Max: Just hang.

Cassie: With the usual gang? With girls?

Max: That’s four questions, actually. Yes. And no comment. Where’s Dad?

Cassie: Fell asleep. Watching “Burn Notice.” Wanna watch the rest with me?

Max: Sure. First, I need a dessert.

Cassie: There’s the chocolate chip cookies.

Max: Mmmm. Good.

Cassie: Was it awkward? Was any of it just, I don’t know, awkward? I remember feeling so out of my element at the high school dances. Somehow I was able to handle myself at the middle school dances but by high school…well, it was just all downhill. Torture, really.

Max: This is Saratoga, Mom. It’s kinda bland…nothing really to be awkward or stressed about…you know? ‘Cept when you came out on the porch IN YOUR PAJAMAS to wave at Akash’s parents when they dropped me off. Now THAT was awkward!

Cassie: I was glad you were home all safe and sound. I was grateful to them for delivering you to our door. I had to show my gratitude. What? Did I appear too over eager in my relief?

Max: Just a bit. And your pajamas, Mom…really just….

Cassie: Well, sorry. I’ve been a little stressed tonight. I have a headache. I need an Advil. You have to be nice to me or I won’t let you stay up and watch all the “bad shows.”

Max: You’re really going to have to relax, though, Mom. You’ll never make it through these high school years.

Cassie. You’re right. But, I’m going to keep asking questions…like all the time, you know.

Max: (sighing) I know.

Cassie: Good.

Max: Fine. Let’s watch the shows and not talk anymore. You’re exhausting me. I just want to eat the cookies and watch the show in peace. Okay?

Cassie: Sure.


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