They’re Coming Home

Gigi has set up a pink princess sleeping bag, extra pillows (which she found on her own in one of the closets maybe — I can’t figure out their provenance as the pillows are naked with no cases) and various stuffed animals (lined up in a neat row) in the middle of Chloe’s bedroom rug. This magnificent presentation, she tells me, is in anticipation of her older sister’s return home from the east coast on Saturday. The sisters, Gigi explains, will have a big sleepover party and she suggests that I make cupcakes with pink frosting for the affair.

What about Max? He’s coming home too. Shouldn’t he be invited to the festive overnight? Gigi quickly explains that Max doesn’t really do sleepovers…and anyway he is a big teenager. She’s concerned that he might have bad breath or stinky feet…and that’s a situation she’s just not willing to risk.

I see.

But, later in the afternoon, while in the car, I overhear this sweet conversation from the backseat:

GIGI: I can’t wait for Chloe and Max to get home to our house in Saratoga.

CHARLIE: Yeah. Me too. (Long pause…A small sigh whistles through his lips.) I think I really love them right now.

GIGI: Yep. I love them right now too.

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