“You Be Velma!”

There’s been much ado about Scooby Doo cartoons this week. In between the various camp activities and the excitement of our new membership at the Saratoga YMCA (we are going to learn how to swim this summer, once and for all), break times have consisted of watching Scooby Doo cartoons. Two new Scooby Doo Netflix movie DVDs suddenly appeared in our mailbox yesterday. Who ordered those? It turns out that Charlie was somehow able to access Scott’s Netflix DVD account from his iPad, and without asking, he promptly intercepted our current movie queue with his own Scooby Doo requests. Clever boy! (We are constantly having to change the password on Charlie’s iPad – our mechanism to prevent his 24/7 use of it – because he habitually breaks the latest password code.)

This Saturday morning, by the time Scott and I awoke, a massive “Let’s Act Out Scooby Doo Scenes” session was already underway. Charlie was playing “Fred,” Gigi was “Daphne.” Gigi announced that Scott would be playing “Shaggy” and I was to be “Velma.” When Scott and I asked why we had to be the goofball guy and the nerdy girl, Gigi answered firmly that this was how we were going to play it today.

In a quiet aside to me, Charlie said, “You know, Mom, you’re always going to have to be Velma.” Shaking his head with exaggerated disdain, he went on, “There’s no way Gigi’s ever going to be anyone but Daphne. No way.”

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