I Tally Your Swears

After scolding Charlie and telling him that the sh*% was going to hit the fan when Dad got home (I caught him treading out onto the roof deck/widow’s walk area off of Max’s bedroom with his 3-year-old sister in tow; there are railings but OMG, it’s the roof!), Charlie says to me: “I’ve been keeping track of all the times you swear and use bad words, Mom. Did you know that? I have a tally for the different swears.”

(Oh f*#, I mean sh*#, I mean crap!)

One thought on “I Tally Your Swears

  1. This is the equivalent of walking too close to the train tracks in the old neighborhood — egads — give your mother a heart attack!! I’m glad I didn’t see THAT looking out my back window! (give your neighbor a heart attack!)

    As for swear words, when they were little, my kids thought “stupid” and “shut-up” were on the swear-word list — and we DEFINITELY never said “Shut-up, stupid!”


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