Gigi’s Fashion Advice

During a car ride this morning, Gigi said, “There’s something ecstatic I want to tell you.”

(“Ecstatic” is an oft used word in the Fancy Nancy series of books that Genevieve “reads” daily. G is still working on proper usage but she enjoys how this particular word rolls off her tongue.)

“What, Gigi?”

“I have in my mind an outfit of a Dora shirt, a Dora skirt, some Dora sandals, a Dora barrette, a Dora head band and a Dora sweatshirt that I’d like you to buy for me today.”

“Where would we find all that stuff?” I ask.

“It’s all around…a lot of stores. (Pause.) Target probably.”

“I thought you didn’t like Target anymore…because they didn’t have good sandals that time we shopped there for sandals.”

“Yea, but they have a lot of Dora stuff, Mom!”

“True.” Then I ask, “Why do you like Dora so much?”

“I don’t like her…I LOVE her, Mommy!”

“But why?”

“Because she is so bootiful. When I put on Dora clothes, it makes me even more bootiful. (Pause.) You could be more bootiful too, Mommy, if they had some Dora clothes in your size. Right?”

“Right, Gigi.”

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