Nail Polish Business

When I open Gigi’s bedroom door to see what she’s doing, she says firmly, “It’s none of your business what I’m playing in here!”

(All of her dolls are lined up in a row on her floor and she has painted some of their pretend toes and feet with a bright red nail polish that Chloe must have left out – !!!!!! – in the kids’ bathroom last night. There are several long red polish streaks on Gigi’s face and belly – as she’s sporting a “tankini” bathing suit with a bare midriff today in anticipation of summer – and four toes on her left foot have also been hit with red.)

I take all of this in with one swift glance and say firmly, “I don’t agree. It’s going to be my business what you are doing for a good long time, missy!”

Ignoring my tone and volume, the red marked child-canvas says, “Can you close the door so I can finish up giving my dolls their spa?”

“Absolutely NO to that, Genevieve Gray!”

She sighs, “Alright, where do you want me to start washing first?”

Now we’re talking the same language.

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