Wardrobe Modifications

For weeks now, I’ve been finding little girl undies (pink, purple and flower spotted bunched up wads of cotton) in strange places throughout the house – behind the couch, in various drawers where they have no business being stashed, as ineffective paperweights on stacks of yesterday’s drawings. I ask Genevieve about these mysterious “panty ball” sightings.

“Those are for when I change my mind about wearing pull-ups,” she explains.

I won’t question why a sudden change of heart about her undergarments might occur behind the couch or under the dining room table (these make good dressing areas, perhaps?) or why so many undie balls must lie in wait throughout our house. I’ve decided to control my pretty constant and rather severe “pick-up-after-the-kids” OCD habit… for the time being anyway. I will let those panties sit…and wait…at the ready. Clearly Gigi has a plan…and I’m in full support.

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