Wake-up Call

This morning was a tough wake-up call because Max’s orchestra/symphonic band performance ran late last night. Gigi, for whom the performance really dragged on (once her brother had performed) seemed to suffer the most of all. When I gently prodded her out of her slumber with what I thought were soft, lilting words, she sat up in bed, pounded the comforter with both fists and bellowed,

“NOBODY should wake up ANYBODY if they don’t want to wake up yet!”

This brought me back to those long ago days when I was a “booker” at Good Morning America and had green room duty, which required a 4:30am wake-up, car service to the studio at 5:30, hostess skills and assistance to the producer until 9:30, work in the office until 1:30 pm or so and then go home and do it all over again. I never got used to that schedule. I recall some very tough mornings when I actually cried in the shower and thought, similar to Gigi, “No one should wake up at this hour of the day!” I guess Gigi and I are just not morning people.

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