Snow White

Recently, Chloe and I saw the Snow White movie with Julia Roberts. In it, there is a most amazing scene (played out several times over) when the wicked stepmother (Julia Roberts) seeks the advice of the magical (dark magic) mirror. The scene is extremely eerie and from time to time Chloe and I have talked about how impressive that part of the movie was for us…the “Mirror Mirror” scene we call it.

Gigi must have overheard some of these conversations. (She, of course, was not allowed to go to this movie for obvious reasons. Also, the Snow White story book has been completely banned from her bedroom because of that “mean stepmother witch.” Actually, Gigi has asked me to throw this book in the trash and has checked to see that I’ve done so on many occasions, but I’ve secretly hidden it in my closet for now.) This morning, while Gigi was supposed to be getting ready for school, I found her instead gazing lovingly at her reflection in a pink plastic toy hand mirror.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’m the most bootiful of ’em all,” she cooed.

No confidence issues here. (But note to self: may need to find a way to gently introduce the idea of inner beauty versus outer beauty somewhere down the road. For now, I’ll let Princess Genevieve bask in her own glow, because like any mother would, I do happen to think her glow is quite bootiful.)

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