Yoga Dance

Have you noticed that some of the yoga wear (tops particularly) require an incredible amount of flexibility to put on?! As if the clothes might be hinting at all the stretching, bending and twisting in the yoga class to come.

After your yoga top is twisted on, and the stretching in class is done, you find yourself more able to feel the space around you. You breathe more deeply. Grace fills you, making you light and bouncy. For a time, you are dancing through your life, instead of merely walking through it.

Then your body and mind begin to forget the dance. You grow tired, your shoulders sag and your breath comes in short bursts. Once again you look in your closet for the yoga top and struggle to put it on so you can begin the process of stretching and bending and twisting all over again. You plant your feet onto the yoga mat…you stretch your toes and fingers for grip…you notice your breath and it carries you through a stretch. The outer rim of your body is holding you…giving you stability…until miraculously you are able to reach beyond the rim… to find your dance.

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