Target Gets Panned by Princess Genevieve, Shoe Critic

Gigi’s discerning taste for shoes (sandals specifically) revealed itself at Target today.

“Gigi, do you like this pair?” I hold up a pair of sparkly pink and purple sandals for her to review.

“No thank you, Mommy. Those are just sooo ugly!”

As we made our way down the aisle, disassembling shoe box after shoe box of sandals in her size, Gigi loudly gave the same critique, “Too ugly!” We didn’t even find one pair that Princess Genevieve deemed suitable enough to try on. Ever the self-conscious mother, I began to worry that someone in the next aisle might overhear my brash child.

“I really don’t think Target is going to work for us, today, honey,” I said gently, gathering our things to head out of the store before the mood changed from “bitter about sandals” to “fuming and foaming at the mouth.”  (Sometimes the transformation can happen in a matter of seconds so I hustled.)

To my surprise Princess Genevieve fully agreed that we should make haste and depart. “I don’t like this place anymore,” she proclaimed. “Target doesn’t know how to do good sandals for me.”

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